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Overseas House Purchasing Investment Immigrant (Shanghai) Exhibition is a grand meeting aiming at the growing overseas real estate and investment immigr......


时间:  2019年12月2-4日 





A.标准展位:3*3=9m2    3*6=18m2     2800元人民币/平方米  
B、特装展位:国内企业:2500元人民币/ m2,国外企业:400USD/m2(室内光地36m2 起租,不提供任何配置,展商可自行安排特殊装修或委托组织单位推荐展台搭建公司);

C、展位顺序分配原则 “先申请、先汇款、先安排”。 主办单位在收到展位费定金后,才能落实参展商所预定展位。
同期活动 2019海外置业移民投资讲座

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The 15th overseas property and immigration investment exhibition in Shanghai 2019
Date: December 2-4, 2019
Venue: Shanghai new international expo center (no. 2345 longyang road, pudong new area)

Exhibition Overview
Overseas House Purchasing Investment Immigrant (Shanghai) Exhibition is a grand meeting aiming at the growing overseas real estate and investment immigrant industry covering 4 themes: Overseas house purchasing, overseas immigrant, overseas study and overseas investment. The three-day exhibition will be composed by the enterprises coming from more than 40 countries and regions around the world including Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, Africa, etc. related to overseas house purchasing, immigration, investment, study abroad and other fields, focusing on displaying high-quality real estate projects and investment immigration services. " The 14th Shanghai overseas real estate investment and immigration exhibition in 2019 " is the exclusive professional commercial shop investment and immigration exhibition in Shanghai, where you can directly and closely face potential customer group, know about the advantages and disadvantages of your project, and provide greater and broader platform to let you promote your project. Therefore, we must be the only choice and the best opportunity for you entering into Shanghai, China. At present, " The 14th Shanghai overseas real estate investment and immigration exhibition in 2019 " has become a high-grade, comprehensive and integrated large-scale exhibition.
The Exhibition has unlimited business opportunities and huge market potential, where you are invited to join in here to create a market for a prosperous future!

◇Introduction to the Expo:
Registration for exhibition: November 30-december 1, 2019 (9:00-17:00)
Exhibition time: December 2-4, 2019 (9:00-16:30)
Cancellation date: 14:30, December 4, 2019
The official website of the general assembly: www.fangdichanzhan.com
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area)
Organizer: Shanghai Shun Shun Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Title sponsorship and sponsorship scheme:
Exclusive title sponsors: Fee is RMB 600000(details are provided upon request);
Sponsors: Fees are divided into three kinds of sponsorship modes (diamond , gold medal  and silver meda), and sponsors shall enjoy all kinds of special treatment provided by the Conference (more details and treatment are available on request)

Exhibition Range:
Immigration project: Investment business immigration project, immigration intermediary institutions, overseas study institutions and the latest immigration project;
Overseas real estate developer: overseas house property, apartments, villas, commercial real estate, real estate, overseas Chinese mall, etc.;
Supporting services: Law office, language training school, prep school, overseas colleges, employment agencies, etc.;

Charging Standard:
A.  standard booth: 3*3=9m2      3*6=18m2 2800 yuan / square meter.
(Booth allocation: 1 KT board, lintel board with Chinese and English version, one round conversation table, 4 chairs; 1 data table, 2 chairs, carpets, one 220V power socket, and 2 spot lights).

B, special display booth: domestic enterprises: RMB 2500 yuan / m2, foreign enterprises: 400USD/m2 (indoor light 36m2 rent, do not provide any configuration, exhibitors can arrange special decoration or entrust organizational units to recommend booth set up company);

Catalog and other advertisements:
  The catalog shall be widely presented to the competent departments and related associations, exhibition merchants; while shall be sent to the domestic and overseas personages and related units, etc.

Front cover: RMB 38000   Back cover: RMB 26000   Inside front cover: RMB18000   Inside back cover: RMB 15000 
Flyleaf: RMB12000 Colorful full page: RMB 10000   Balloon: RMB 6000 /piece
Arch: RMB 8000/period Entrance ticket: RMB 40000/100000 pieces Handbag: RMB 50000 /10000 pieces Advertising board: RMB 30000 (6X4)meter

Sponsorship Scheme:
The organizer will invite competent companies to sponsor the Expo. Three types of sponsors: diamond sponsor, gold sponsor and silver sponsor. They will enjoy the privilege from the organizer (details are provided upon request).
How to attend:
A, Fill in the application form with official seal and mail or fax it to the organizing committee; Exhibitors shall pay 50% of the booth fee as deposit (RMB) within 7 working days according to the requirements of the payment notice to ensure the booth location. The balance of the booth fee shall be paid before November 6, 2019. Otherwise, the organizer will be deemed to have given up the exhibition, and the exhibition fee will not be refunded if the exhibitors withdraw from the exhibition halfway after registration.;
B. The Exhibition Manual will be sent to the exhibitor after whose booth was confirmed by the Organizer, and the Manual includes exhibits transportation, booth design and structures, arrangements for travel and accommodation, renting items and other related information, all exhibitors must fill out the relative forms of the Manual and send it back to the Organizer by the end of deadline.

C. The distribution principle of the booth order is “First application, first payment and first arrangement”. The Organizer can only confirm the booth reserved by the exhibitor after receiving the commission of the exhibition fee.

Ways to participate in the Expo

If your company wishes to register for the Exhibition, please ask for the Application and Contract Form from the organizing committee, fill it in, stamp it with seal and send it back to the organizing committee via fax or by post.

Contact Information of Organizing Committee
Location: Room 312, No.1 Building, Fukesi Commercial Plaza, No.89, Huguang East Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Tel:86-21-31295854                     Zip Code:201108

Contact: Director WangGang18317007116    WeChat/QQ: 694488608

Website: http://www.fangdichanzhan.com      E-mail: 694488608@qq.com

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